Winter Work – preserving character

One challenge we had when we created the 2nd floor bathroom was how to keep the access to the attic which is located up steep stairs in a unique little passage way between the hall and the bathroom, and provide direct, level access into the bathroom. The original space had a platform step that covered the entire passage way and was the first step of the stairs. Instead of demo’ing the entire space and redesign access, we kept the original character and work around it.

Stairs up to attic, fully extended

The solution we came up with included building 2 stair treads that slide out of the way when not in use and pull out when we need to use the stairs. This allows us to preserve the character of the house and maintain the access to the attic while giving us clear access to the bathroom. The old stair platform was removed when we started work on the upstairs bathroom.

Passage way is clear of step








Other work to the upstairs bathroom includes installation of a new bathroom door that is taller, wider and better quality than the original. The new door is actually an old door bought at an architectural salvage company in Boston. We matched the old, 4-panel wood style and thumb-latch hardware so that it blends in with the existing doors that are 200+ years old in the house.

View from hallway through passage

We are planning more work in the passage way in 2017. The new door and frames shall be painted, floors will be sanded and urethaned, walls will be sheet rocked and plastered, old stair treads will be sanded so they are not rough and new light fixture will be installed.



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