North Wall Reconstruction


Reconstruction of the North Wall of the house is finished. This is the wall at the back of the house which had been shaded by a large maple tree for several years and therefore had a lot of rotted siding and trim. The 3 small existing windows had cracked glass and did not work properly.

All this had to be removed. It was a “must do” project due its poor condition but we got an added bonus of more light and new views.

We replaced the small, old windows for larger ones and added a new window in the room off the dining room downstairs to get more natural light in the house and give us views to the hills beyond. All the siding and trim was replaced along with a new rain drip edge along the top.  Now work begins inside the rooms with the new windows….


New North wall w/ new windows and siding
Old North wall – pre renovation

IMG_3328 (2)


The shed is now detached from the house with about a 2′ foot a gap between the two structures. The shed can now come down without damaging the house.








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