Major projects for 2017 included upgrading the exterior siding and roofing on the extended part of the house. As mentioned in previous blog posts, the extension to the main house is actually 2 separate additions. The first one was added in the early 1800’s to extend the inn (story for future blog). This one was in relatively good shape. However, the second addition was not in great shape and needed new weather proofing. It was built in the 1970’s to house the kitchen, bathroom and covered porch.

See pictures below of the before and after exterior work to the siding, roof, windows and plantings around the house.

Outside Pic 4
Kitchen Porch – BEFORE 2013 – notice the huge trees shading the house from the back
Kitchen Porch – AFTER 2017 – kitchen entry and windows, porch supports, roof, siding, and shed is completely detached from house.
Back of House – BEFORE 2013 – peeling siding, rotting window sills and trim, cracked broken windows, minimal view from inside
Back of House – AFTER 2017 – new siding, trim, freshly painted white, replaced old windows, added 2 new windows on main level
front door_old pic_cropped
Front of House – BEFORE 2013 – picture says it all
Front of House – AFTER 2017 – fresh paint, new windows, new light fixtures and new plantings along the front