Restoring the natural pond

At the end of September work began on restoring the old pond on the property. When we bought the house the backyard was completely overgrown and swampy with no signs of a pond. But the family had told us there used to be one and that it was quite deep and used for fishing. We were immediately intrigued and wanted to see what it would take to bring the pond back to life. Well after nearly 4 years of owning the property work began this fall.

What an amazing transformation that has taken place! The pond is all natural – no liners or pumps. It will be filled by the high ground water table and run off from rain. In digging out the pond the excavators removed quite a large amount of brush, weeds and small trees from the yard. It has completely opened up our view to the meadows in the hills beyond. Eventually grass will grow and it will look more integrated with its surroundings. In the meantime we will be enjoying the fire by the water!

Chalkboard “plot plan” showing where the pond is on the property
IMG_3444 (2)
And now we have a pond and great views to the meadows in the hills beyond!
IMG_3459 (2)
Can’t wait for the grass to fill in. It will be beautiful!
Before – early Spring swampy area 


Before – view looking back at the house




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