The Pond

20190727_134234 (2)It has been a couple of years since the Pond was resurrected on our property and its been such a huge benefit and source of beauty. Its amazing to see how it is constantly changing as the water level rises and falls and rises again through the seasons. It has attracted all sorts of birds and wildlife to the property. In the late Spring the water is alive with tadpoles and insects. In the Summer the frogs are abundant. Several types of birds enjoy the pond. Flycatchers, cedar waxwings and swallows swoop through the air just above the water in the evenings. There’s even been a duck or two who’s come to swim, and in late summer a blue heron visited for a few days.

20190526_190858 (3)IMG_4399 IMG_4381 (2)



One thought on “The Pond

  1. What a superb transformation. Congratulations to all of you. Love Veronica xx

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