A Roof Within a Roof

As mentioned in previous posts our farmhouse continues to reveal its history and uniqueness as we renovate and restore. The house is 230 years old and many hands have altered and enhanced it over its life. The house is comprised of 3 sections: original federal colonial built in 1786 (where majority of rooms are in); ell addition added at the back back in 1811 (dining room and 2 small back rooms); and finally the kitchen addition added to side of 1811 addition (circa 1960s we believe).

One alteration that was done when the kitchen addition was built was the decision to build a new roof over the existing one built in 1811. Instead of tearing the old roof down they decided to build right on top of it. Therefore we have to deal with a very unique roof above the kitchen and we are only learning now the possibilities and limitations due to this condition. Here are some pics of the Roof Within a Roof. (note the brick chimney that has been cut off and is supported in the attic only by frame.)

View at back of house showing original roof line


3 roofs come together – white 1786 roof; brown 1811 shingle roof; plywood 1960s roof
Old early 1800s roof
Extensive framing (supported on top of old roof)
Early 1800s attic space over the dining room (yes chimney is coming out)













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