Melting Ice = Leaking Roof

For this post I thought it’d be interesting to provide new photos of the attic space built on top of the old attic. An area that completely puzzles me as to why and how it was constructed this way.

In March water was dripping in to the house from melting snow and ice on the roof above the kitchen. My daring dad worked his way back to this area by crawling in on his elbows through a 2′ x 3′ wide opening. Once in he was able to rig up plastic sheet and a bucket to collect the water. It did its job and stopped further leaking and damage to the kitchen ceiling. Soon the roof will be patched and hopefully we won’t need to get back there but these images will always be a reminder of what its like in that strange attic space.

huge icicles from roof
crawling from other side
catching the water
framing on top of roof


Projects have not stopped, they’ve just slowed and have been small in nature through the winter months. The pond continues settle in and the backyard landscape is adjusting to it beautifully. Spring will see the removal of the old shed (hopefully). Window replacement and bunk room completion will continue into the summer.


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