2nd Floor Bathroom Progress

As part of the grand master plan a brand new bathroom has been designed in a space that was once a small bedroom at the top of the stairs on the 2nd floor. It is directly above the bathroom on the First Floor and the toilet and shower share the same plumbing chase.

Work is progressing along quickly inside the room. It looks as though we’ll have a working bathroom by end of March or early April! The walls and ceiling have new sheetrock; the shower stall has been completely tiled; and the wood floor is in the process of being sanded and refinished. Once floors are done this week the bathroom will be ready for new toilet, sink and clawfoot tub. Walls are ready for painting and lighting is ready to be installed .

The room is a perfect size with a large window to allow for natural light but entry is awkward. You have to pass through two small doors between the hallway and the room. There is a small wooden staircase that leads 8 steep steps up to the full attic above. We had to cut through the landing to have a level entry and the doorways will need to be widened eventually.

Here are some photos of the work:

New sheetrocked walls
New sheetrocked walls
View of pass through to bathroom from the hall. Stairs leading to attic are on the left.
View of pass through between hall and bathroom. Stairs leading to attic are on the left.
Natural light abounds
Natural light abounds
New tile in shower stall
Tiled shower

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