Old Shed’s Fate Decided

Plenty of character but too costly to save

After nearly 3 years of living in and renovating our farmhouse we’ve finally agreed on the fate of the old shed that sits at the side of the house. Although it has such great potential to be a really unique space and has tons of character, we’ve decided to take it down and capture the views of the hills and fields behind our house.

View to the hills and fields beyond

The cost to update and renovate the shed is far beyond our scope and the space that it provides is really not needed. I mean, who doesn’t love a challenging project … but in the end this one is just not worth tackling.

Back view of shed

Unfortunately the exterior wood siding is rotting, the windows are broken or missing, the floor boards are buckled and split, not to mention it sits on slate pilings with no real foundation or footings. I will be sad to see it go as its provided a great play area for the kids, and given storage space for all our supplies and things but the views that we’ll capture and the outdoor area that is gained by removing it will be worth it.

The shed has an interesting history. Apparently back in the early 1800’s it was used as a meeting house where the community gathered. Later it is possible that they used it as a barn with stables for animals, farm equipment was kept in there, and it provided plenty of storage space for apple picking and maple syrup supplies over the years.

We are considering salvaging all the wood in the shed. Old Vermont board is a high commodity for flooring and as we witnessed in our bedroom, it finishes up beautifully. There may be quite a bit of value that we gain back in removing the shed and keeping/selling its wood.

Nevertheless it will take some time before it is removed and we need to find the right contractor / demo-crew willing to take it down board by board. That alone will be another project.




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