Floor Plans

Our house isn’t a typical small, quaint rural farmhouse. It is filled with large, spacious rooms and has 4 bedrooms – with enough beds to sleep 11. We wanted a lot of space to be able to comfortably host all our families at one time.

The total square footage is 2900 SF of finished space. There are two unfinished attics: one on the bedroom floor which has potential to be a large kids’ bunkroom; and one up above the bedrooms which is massive. Also on the property is a wood shed and a detached 2 car garage.

Here are the floor plans showing current state of the projects and size of the rooms. We are in the process of adding a 2nd Floor Bathroom and demolishing the wall between the Kitchen and Dining Room to create an open center island.

First Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan

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