Living Room Renovation

We wanted to get the Living Room in “livable” shape and decided to gut the entire room. (We think it was last updated in the 1950’s.)

A major component to renovating the house was to install foam insulation in all the exterior walls and much of the old lathe and plaster was demo’d in the main rooms of the house due to years of damage and staining. In addition to the walls, we decided to expose the rustic hand-hewn beams in the ceiling and add heavy sound insulation and new sheet rock.

The renovation also included installation of new lighting and sanding and refinishing of the original wood floors. It is an ongoing project but these pictures depict the progress so far.

Living Room (June 2014)
Living Room (June 2014)
This is what the Living Room looked like when we bought it (Nov 2013)
Before renovation c. 1950’s (Nov 2013)
Living Room after demo

2 thoughts on “Living Room Renovation

  1. Knocking out the plaster and lathe is a fun task! Hard work, but fun. The house I grew up in was built in the 1840s, and over the last ten years or so my parents have redone the kitchen, dining room, and living room, and we helped with that part. The guts look very similar to your demolition photo – it’s fascinating to see the structure underneath, especially one that’s still so strong.

    Your blog is so inspiring! I hope to own an old house one day and I love seeing the work you’re doing.


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