New Kitchen Design – Updated

The existing Kitchen is the weakest link in the entire house. It lacks insulation and is cold and drafty. The cabinet and appliance layout is awkward. Never mind the style – bland and outdated. There is only a subfloor and the light fixtures are scarce and gives off an unappealing fluorescent glow. I can’t wait to tear it all out.

We will be starting demo of the space in a couple of weeks with the wall between the Kitchen and Dining Room coming down. In its place will be an open wall with 2 rough hand-hewn posts salvaged from the wood shed. They will add much needed character to the Kitchen.

I’ve been working on the new design and layout of a rustic yet functional Kitchen and am including the conceptual images I’ve created. The Kitchen will eventually become a space where we all love to cook, gather, eat, drink and share memories….

New Kitchen floor plan
New Kitchen floor plan
New Kitchen Design - 3D conceptual image
New Kitchen Design – 3D conceptual image
Existing Kitchen
Existing Kitchen
Existing Kitchen - view showing where new island will go
Existing Kitchen – view showing where new island will go

4 thoughts on “New Kitchen Design – Updated

  1. Hi – thanks for the comment. We did talk about adding a sink in the island but decided to limit the plumbing work due to cost and minimizing frozen pipe exposure.


  2. We Are closing on an 1860 federal farmhouse in VT at the end of March 2015. This looks rather similar to what we are undertaking. Thank you for the inspiration!

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  3. It looks like the island is both a kitchen table and overflow prep space. I’m wondering if it would be helpful to add a little prep/bar sink there so you can have lots of people peeling vegetables at once and stuff without getting in each other’s way.


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