Treasures – Old Book

One would think (I sure did) that the possibility of finding treasures in a house that is 229 years old would be a given. Our real estate agent told us about a rare penny coin that was minted from a copper mill nearby in the late 1700’s when Vermont was a republic and minted its own currency. If found, this penny is worth thousands of dollars. Well we still haven’t found this rare penny but what we did find means more.

Back a year ago my brother-in-law ripped down one of the ceilings. As he did, he found buried in between the old beams, a very old book dating back to 1824. The book is titled THE LAWS OF VERMONT and is signed by the son of the original homeowner – SETH MOORE. It is compilation of the following laws: Declaration of Independence; The Articles of Confederation; and The Constitution of The United States and of Vermont. We were told that a portion of the house served as a town meeting hall and I can only imagine that this book was referenced many times. Very cool piece of history!! Meanwhile the hunt for the rare penny will continue….

Very old book
Very old book
Seth Moore SIgnature
Seth Moore Signature
Inside cover
Inside cover
Vermont copper penny
Vermont copper penny

2 thoughts on “Treasures – Old Book

  1. What a great history lesson for your kiddo! There is something about those old books that just make me full of happiness to see. I grin ear to ear at that musty smell.


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