Latest work completed – bedrooms

Here are a collection of before and after photographs of the latest work to a few of the bedrooms at the house


The RED bedroom is upstairs on the 2nd floor of the south/east corner of the house. The photo on the left shows what the room looked like when we bought the house. It had 1940’s style lighting, linoleum rug on the floor and red eagle patterned wallpaper. The photo on the right show the original wood floors and the patched area where there was an old stove pipe hole in the floor. The new wall was installed when we patched a doorway that lead from this room to the adjacent room.

Below are photos of the finished bedroom. Floors are sanded down to expose the beautiful yellow pine boards; walls are stripped and painted a deep, claret red paint; and new window treatments and furniture complete the renovation.


The YELLOW bedroom is in the 1st floor south/east corner of the house. It is fair to say that this room was in the worst condition of all the bedrooms. It showed years of weather damage, with buckling wood floors and pealing plaster on the ceiling and walls. This room was one of the first ones we tackled and updated, ripping out everything down to the studs and replacing with new. The wood floors and doors are the only original elements remaining.

The picture on the left shows the room when we purchased the house, complete with a 1940’s hospital style bedframe. The picture on the right highlights the new room and custom made armoire.


The third and final bedroom renovation is the tiny BOUDOIR bedroom on the 1st floor next to the kitchen. It used to be the original bathroom in the house. With new lighting, wall panel, ceiling and carpet we transformed it from an old, damp nasty bathroom to a cozy little bedroom with a northern view of the hills behind the house. Its current state is a temporary one while we assess the renovation scope to this area of the house.

IMG_4131                   01_cante rm_new


2 thoughts on “Latest work completed – bedrooms

  1. I like the iron bedstead! Just like the one I had when I was little only black! For the rest, you have all worked so hard & achieved really beautiful results. I can’t wait until I see it all next June!


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